Cut on the bounce floor

Even though the damage is not on a seam, we can replace the whole section to avoid future issues in that area.

Floor seam at the top platform of a slide

top platform seam holds the weight of people waiting to slide down and gets worn-out over time. Once we repair it, its like it never happened!

Corner seam at top platform of a slide

the first corner seam when going up a water slide get the most wear besides the entrance.

Entrance seam right next to pool area

The first place any customer steps onto in order to climb up the slide. one of the most high-traffic areas on any water slide.

Busted inside seam

This seam would typically fail without letting you know ahead of time! It's not a problem for the Space Walk Repair Team to make it look like it never happened!

Netting panel replacement

When it's more damage than just a small hole, we recommend replacing the whole netting panel to have a nice and clean look!

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